We are excited to invite you to the highly interactive WOLVERINE 2022: “Workshop on Open Problems in Learning and Verification of Neural Networks”, which will be held on Thursday, August 11, during FLoC 2022.

The goal of WOLVERINE is to foster networking and active discussions with a hope to spark new interdisciplinary collaborations. WOLVERINE welcomes researchers in formal methods, machine learning, and their intersection.

Workshop Schedule

First hour: keynote talk by Ann Nowé (abstract).
Second hour: short invited talks. We will host three short invited talks (15-20 minutes each). Each speaker will present their area of expertise in the intersection between formal methods and AI.
Third hour: round tables. Each speaker from the previous session will host a table and moderate a discussion on challenges and open problems in the field and on novel approaches to tackle them.
Fourth hour: poster session. Participants are invited to present their work (published or ongoing).

Invited speakers

Ann Nowé (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium): Keynote speaker.
Suguman Bansal (University of Pennsylvania, USA): Safe Reinforcement Learning.
Hana Chockler (causaLens and King’s College London, UK): Explainable AI.
Dana Drachsler Cohen (Technion, Israel): Robustness of Neural Networks.

Registration cost: $80/$100 (early registration), $100/$120 (regular registration), $120/$140 (on-site registration)
Registration: conference webpage